Antonella De Ninno - Master biorisonanza metodologie applicative

Antonella De Ninno

Interventi del docente:

Mod. 3: L’acqua questa sconosciuta

Team leaderENEA Bioelectromagnetism studies in Diagnostic and Metrology Laboratory


I received the degrees in Physics from the University “La Sapienza” of Rome in 1984. Since 1987 I am researcher at the ENEA (Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development) Research Centre in Frascati, near Rome. My experience ranges from solid state to nuclear physics. I am author of more than 100 research items (papers, chapters, conference papers and patents) and serve as reviewer in many international journals.

I have been tutor of several undergraduate and graduate thesis and fellowship.
My interests were in solid state physics and, in particular, in low temperature effects on materials and superconductivity.
In 1999-2002 I coordinated the ENEA Project “New Hydrogen Energy” on the nuclear properties of deuterium stored in solid lattices.

Since then I moved towards the study of quantum electrodynamics (QED) coherence in condensed matter. Such a theory allows an original approach to the supra-molecular structure of liquid water and its peculiar role in biology.

I worked on several experimental layout (FTIR, X-ray fluorescence, THz spectroscopy) with the aim to investigate the two-fluids nature of liquid water. My scientific production of the last years is mainly focused on such an item.

I also investigated the physical mechanism of interaction between extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields and living systems in effective collaborations with research groups in Italy and abroad.

1984 Degree in Physics – University La Sapienza of Rome Italy

1985-1986 software analyst at SOGEI Italy
1986-1987 space mission analyst at ITALSPAZIO, Italy
1987-2003 scientist at ENEA, Italy
2013 – now senior scientist at ENEA, Italy

1987-1989 Cryogenics Laboratory: studies on superconductivity and super-fluidity, basic and applications (cryostat projects for space research)
1989-2003 Hydrogen storage in metals, nuclear reactions in condensed matter
2006 – now Bio-electromagnetism, water structure, spectroscopy

INVITED / TRAVEL-COST-COVERED TALKS (of the last 10 years)
2010 invited talk at “Premio Sapio per la Ricerca Giornata di Studio 24 Novembre 2010”, Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa
2012 invited talk at SUPSI University, Lugano (CH)
2013 invited talk at University of Padova (IT)
2013-2014 invited speaker at the Conference on Physics, Chemistry and Biology of water, Sofia (BG)
2016 invited talk at LACE17 , Lights on architecture of Life, Siracusa (IT)
2018 invited speaker at 3rd Aquaphotomics Conference in Awaji- Kobe, Japan
2019 invited speaker at “Bose-Einstein Condensation in Inorganic and Organic Matter” Workshop, Luminy, Marseille, (FR)
2019 invited speaker at the second Aquaphotomics European Conference, Budapest (HU)
2019 invited speaker at Water Conference 2019, Bad Soden (D)

2004 GIULIANO PREPARATA MEDAL - International Society of Condensed Matter Nuclear Science

2000 ICCF8 – International Conference on Cold Fusion, Lerici, Italy

Students and PhD students in physics, engineering, drug science

2000-2006 member of the Advisory Committee of International Conference on Cold Fusion

MAJOR COLLABORATIONS (currently actives)
University of Catania Dept of Physics
CNR, Institute of Complex Systems
University of Rome Dept of Engineering , Informatics, Electronics and Telecommunications


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