Sabine Christiane Rauch - Master biorisonanza metodologie applicative

Sabine Christiane Rauch

Sabine Christiane Rauch

Interventi del docente:

Mod. 9: Biorisonanza

Study of medicine University of Berlin 1984-1989
Study of medicine University of Giessen 1989-1990

Degrees and certificates of proficiency:
Doctor of medicine University of Mainz 1992
Specialist: general medicine Ärztekammer Rheinland-Pfalz 1996
Natural therapy Ärztekammer Hessen 1998
Chirotherapy Ärztekammer Hessen 1998
Homeopathy Ärztekammer Hessen 2000
Acupuncture Ärztekammer Hessen 2005

Employment history:
Gynecology and obstetrics St. Vincenz-Krankenhaus Limburg 1990-1992
Internal medicine Lahntalkinik Nassau 1992-1995
Surgery Krankenhaus Usingen 1995-1996
Orthopaedics/Traumatology Lahntalkinik Nassau 1996-1998

Working in general medicine/natural therapy in my own holistic praxis/clinic in Ruppach-Goldhausen (1998 – 2000) and in Limburg, Germany from 2000- 2013, combining conventional medicine with complementary methods.

1/2013 Founding of the SR holistic therapy education GmbH in Nassau /Germany. The GmbH offers education in holistic therapy (bioresonance, acupuncture, natural therapy) and is now situated in Bavaria/Germany.

From 10/2013 – 09/2020 working in Sweden with bioresonance therapy.

7/2014 Legitimation as doctor of medicine, specialist for general/ family medicine in Sweden.

Since 09/2020 back in Germany, working as CEO for SR holistic therapy education GmbH in holistic medical educations and from 12/2020 as an external consultant for REGUMED.

Experience with BICOM® bioresonance therapy:
- Since 2004 treating with BICOM®-bioresonance therapy (about 2000 treated patients every year in my own private doctors clinic) in Germany
- Since 2007 regularly lecturer on congresses and educator for advanced seminars in bioresonance therapy for REGUMED Germany.
- Teacher for bioresonance therapy, educating medical doctors, veterinarians, dentists and naturopaths and other therapists in Germany and worldwide (16 countries)
- From 2013- 2020 living in Sweden and Germany, educating complementary medicine (especially bioresonance therapy) worldwide.
- CEO of SR holistic therapy education GmbH Germany and Sabine Rauch holistic therapy education Sweden (dotterföretag) with Holistisk terapi as a praxis for holistic treatment methods in Halmstad, Sweden (from 2013-2020)
- Life Cooperation Coach®, Development of the Life Cooperation Coach education together with Carl Olof Svensson and Torbjörn Josefsson, (PhD), Halmstad/Sweden

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